Finding Individuals Needing Diagnosis through SymptomMatcher (FindSM)

ThinkGenetic’s FindSM (Finding Individuals Needing Diagnosis through SymptomMatcher) tool is a condition-specific, web-based, patient-facing platform that guides potential patients through a set of signs and symptoms designed to determine if they may be at risk to have an underlying genetic condition and/or be eligible for clinical trials or would benefit from consideration of genetic counseling and testing based on their personal or family history. As part of the FindSM campaign, the ThinkGenetic team will develop printable/downloadable targeted informational disease fact sheets which provide actionable next steps for patients and their healthcare providers (e.g., testing options, clinical trials). This tool could be placed in multiple locations including educational websites, ThinkGenetic’s specialized landing pages, and on patient advocacy/support organization websites, and as a widget on company-sponsored websites.

The FindSM solution is already in existence and in production in countries around the world for the identification of at-risk individuals living with a genetic condition and to help decrease the diagnostic odyssey. The principles learned from this novel product have also provided experience in working with the HCPs and developing patient-focused elicitation of symptoms and medical issues. Accordingly, this work is validated and translates well into the clinical trial recruitment space. This will also provide an enriched patient population in order to find much-needed trial participants.

At the highest level, ThinkGenetic’s goal is to help identify individuals at risk of having a genetic condition. Founded by a genetic counselor, a patient advocate, and an IT professional, ThinkGenetic has the rare ability to combine modern machine learning with practical information in genetics.  ThinkGenetic prides itself on being a nimble team, being able to customize core services to meet the needs of our clients goals. Contact us to discuss your project needs and we will provide an accurate estimate to partner with you.